Карате киокушинкай

We invite young and promising people to our gyms

To the best Kyokushinkai Karate coaches who have undertaken a long way of personal development and who are willing to teach you perfect techniques of mastering this type of martial art.

  • Professional coaches will instruct you for free and determine you to a group taking your individual characteristics and level of training into consideration;
  • You will get to know the World of Karate and learn self-defense techniques;
  • We offer a 10% discount for students and a free first week of training.
Карате киокушинкай

Improve your child’s health

Physical training of children from an early age is a guarantee of health for the whole life, and the parents’ merit. We are for the healthy nation, for healthy spiritual, moral and physical education of your children.

Karate classes:

  • Make it easier for your child to adapt in the society;
  • Mold responsibility in your child;
  • Form discipline and psychological stability in your child;
  • Strengthen your child’s health.

We offer a loyalty system for large families - 50% discount on the monthly fee for the second child.

Карате киокушинкай

We give future to professional sportsmen

We train and prepare the best athletes of the country! We will give you professional future and will help you to develop together with your beloved martial art.

An athlete who is a member of the national team is granted the following privileges:

  • Coverage of all travel expenses for the competition;
  • Coverage of fees for training camps;
  • Medical control during training preparation for the competition;
  • Athlete’s medical assistance at the expense of the Union;
  • Provision of all necessary outfit and equipment.
Карате киокушинкай

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