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International Association of Veterans of the Antiterror Subdivision “ALFA”





The Central Army Sports Club is a sports club under the Ministry of Defense in the USSR, Russia. In the USSR it was the part of the so-called “Physical and Sports Association of the Armed Forces” (along with the Central Air Forces Sports Club, the Central Naval Forces Sports Club and several army sports clubs), it was subordinated to the Sports Committee of the USSR Armed Forces. In Russia, it has the status of the federal budget institution. The full official name of the Russian club is the Federal Budgetary Institution of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation “Central Army Sports Club”.

World Kumite Organization (WKO)

The World Kumite Organization (WKO) was established in 2007. It is one of the largest non-political martial arts organizations in the world and it is currently ranked in the top three in Japan.
WKO holds over 100 tournaments per year.
WKO’s mission is to unite all martial arts masters and promote Kyokushin Karate in the world.
WKO organizes commercial and professional fights in various versions with participation of WKO members and partners.
WKO formula fights – Byakuren Kaikan (similar to Kyokushin).
The International Union “Kyokushin Profi” and the World Kumite Organization (WKO) have been partners since 2018.


Be the first in development of professional sports.

We invite organizations to cooperate and develop professional Kyokushin in Russia and the World.

We have been working for more than 15 years in order to provide athletes with possibility to realize themselves on the professional tatami.

Our goal is to develop and promote professional approach in organizing tournaments for highly qualified athletes on a commercial basis.

In the Union “Kyokushin Profi”, a clear administrative management structure has been developed, in which effective educational, methodical, informational and analytical activities are conducted.

The well-coordinated work of the whole team allows us to successfully develop, and today we perform our activities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany and the People’s Republic of China, and we intend to move on and expand!

If our principles are close to you, then we invite you to the International Union of Professionals in the Sphere of Single Combats “Kyokushin Profi”!

Kyokushin Kenbukai (Japan)

Nanjing MATSUSHIMA Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (China)

Sensei Jonathan Tineo (Spain)

Double World Champion and Seven-Time EUROPEAN Champion in Kyokushin Karate.


The best learn from the best!


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